YouTube announces free availability of its premium originals

YouTube has announced on Weekend that it is changing its strategy regarding its regional contract. YouTube's local conventions can only see monthly subscriptions, but soon YouTube will provide it for free for everyone.
YouTube has announced that the entire and specialized series will soon be presented to the world of consumers, consumers will be able to see the series free with advertisements and for limited periods.

YouTube's Regional Content also includes Cobra Kai. It has been seen 50 million times in just 5 months of release.
YouTube has further announced that they will also make the third season of Cobra Kie. Interestingly, the second season of Cobra Kai has been released last week.

Cobra Kie is currently the most online demand series worldwide, according to Pir Analytics.

It is a good opportunity for YouTube to earn money from it.
YouTube will not offer all its premium coin counts free of charge for consumers. Some special shows of service seen with a $ 12 monthly subscription fee will be offered free for a limited period.
The first season of Cobra Kai will be offered free of charge from August 29 to September 11 for all users of the world. Cobra Kyi Season 2 will be issued on September 11 for the public.
YouTube has confirmed that another contract with Cobra Kai will be offered for free but advertisements soon

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