Making Money Online: SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

One of the most common ways to make money online is by becoming an SEO consultant. in a
During this career, websites will help rank higher in Google search results when targeted
Keywords are searched.
Search engine optimization {SEO} is not an easy task but with a little effort, it can be learned.
Your task as an SEO consultant will require considering what customers have on their website and requesting
The changes needed to make it more SEO friendly.
To become an SEO consultant, here are some steps you can take up:

Making Money Online: SEO Consultant
Making Money Online: SEO Consultant

Create Your Website - You should be able to communicate with your customers and have a good website
Place to do this. Creating a website is not easy; you may need help from web designers. so you
Need to take advantage of trusted Web host services.
Once you create your website, the next thing is to fill in and improve the relevant content.
Well, you'll be promising others in ranking on Google and other search engine results and search results
The site must be an example.
Many companies believe that if the website of search engine consultants (SEO) is not ranked high, they can not
Provide what they promise. This is not far from the truth. Your website, therefore, is your chance to
Prove that what you offer really works.

View the models of previous work - likely to trust your customers if you have helped others
Previously obtained positive results. Select these results on your website whenever possible
Accompany them with a review from the satisfied customer. This way, your target customers will know
You do not just talk but act and carry out what you promised. Always encourage customers to be satisfied
Leave a comment.

Find the right clients - When marketing your business, do not do this blindly. Instead, use a targeted approach aiming at clients who are not doing so well in terms of their SEO strategies. Get them and help drive organic traffic to their sites. Let them know that by raising their ranking in search results they will be able to reach more clients and subsequently increase their sales.

Alternative ways to get customers - Unlike marketing your business, you can try searching for SEO consultant jobs and progress them on freelance sites such as,,, and so on. Advisory? There is no limit to how much you can do it's up to you. You can set your hourly prices {minimum $ 10 / hour} or set a one-time price when a customer's website is listed on the first page of Google. The latter can be $ 500 or more. However, the cost you take depends on your level of expertise. To attract customers, novice SEO consultants should charge less. Once you have to create a track record yourself, you can charge a higher fee and you'll still get customers. Just start low and watch your business grow.

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