Google 's latest AI project is to make your face look' poetry '

Google's AI is always a new and unique experience. Google's latest Ai project name is similar to PoemPortraits. This is a web application. This web application provides word suggestions and help. After that, it creates a poetic portrait together.
Basically, this is a lucky mixed Instagram filter made up of a few lines of artificial intelligence.

Google 's latest AI project is to make your face look' poetry '
Google AI Project

To prepare this web application, Coder Russia Gordon and S. Madeleon of Google's Institute of Arts and Culture have created it. Des Dylan is an artist.
Canya West, Beyonce Console and Adel's British National Theater.
Russia has created software for making poetry.

The software has been trained in the Deep Learning Network and 19th-century poetry (more than 25 million words).

This software looks at the luck based on the software and text settings. Devilin has added many physical frameworks to this little rhyme maker. Devon said in his blog post that this web application is a digital version of Photo Booth.
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