HotPot Shield Free VPN Proxy and WiFi Security

HotPot Shield VPN Proxy is the most reliable security, privacy and access platform with the highest performance on speed, stability and security. The Hot Pot Shield provides you with real-life freedom - by keeping bound restrictions and reaching the world content, with just one tap.


Why Hotspot Shield:

Unlock geographic content: encrypt all your traffic and access global media, video, messaging or social apps and networks.

✓ Save all online activities: hide your IP address, identity and location from trackers, and enjoy maximum privacy and security.

✓ Free or Limited: Use basic features for free (always) for infinite features, or easily update!

✓ Multiple VPN performance: Our country's servers ensure the fastest VPN speed, more stable and secure connection.

✓ Massively VPN coverage: coverage of VPN from 20 countries including Powered by Individual Freeware, HotPoint Shield, 20, USA, UK, JP, IN, AU, CA, CN, and more does!

✓ No log-in: Hot pot shield does not maintain or maintain any login to its users and their activities. Your safety and privacy are guaranteed!

✓ Excellent customer support: Any questions or tips, easily shoot an email Satisfaction Guaranteed!

✓ Trusted by millions: The Hot Pot Shield Free VPN Proxy has been installed 400 million times and has been added to Forbes, CNET, CNN, and the New York Times.

✓ New feature: Malware protection:

The HotPoint Shield contains malware protection, which helps you clean up the bad software for good. How it works:
✓ Scan your device to potentially malware threats
✓ Put the results in an easy-to-read summary
Remove any malware from a simple touch button

How hot-shot shield works

HotPot Shield VPN Proxy provides a secure and reliable connection between your device and target web site, which uses Virtual Private Networks (VPN) technology. HotPotShield hides your real IP address to nominate your device so that your online activities can not be tracked on any side, and you have access to limited restrictions behind firefalls. May be able

HotPot Shield VPN Proxy is a freememail product designed for everyone - whether you are looking for free versions with basic unlimited and privacy features, or a premium version with additional services.

■ HotPot Shield VPN Free Version allows you to unlock and access all U.S. content from your favorite apps or websites. Free versions contain limited ads.

■ Hot Point Shield VPNet version (option to automatically renew renewal) 20, Ukraine, GP, IN, AU, CA, CN, TR, UA and 20 virtual places really without any interruption of advertisement Offs unlimited access. Elite accounts support upto five devices, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. You can opt out of Elite Features for a 7-day free trial before you decide to sign in to a monthly or annual subscription.

Premium VPN Pricing:
■ 1 month membership - $ 12.00 / month
■ 6 months membership - $ 9.16 / month (save 2%)

■ Annual membership - $ 5.83 / month (save 55 percent)

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